Freight Movement

Freight Movement is amongst our topmost services. We are one of the best freight carriers because are a fully licensed and insured freight carrier. Full Truck Load service ensures fast and secure shipping of your shipments. Although having our own fleet of trucks for moving load and freight proves to be expensive, we ensure to take the entire burden of moving your shipment, on us. We safely and securely move your freight nationwide and across countries like Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh to its destination. Putting the entire burden on us would ensure that you don't have to worry about anything other than managing and expanding your business. - Fully insured and licensed freight carrier -Affordable rates -Gensets for controlled temperature goods

Port Handling

Our services in port handling comprise of managing shipments inclusive of loading/unloading and transportation. We take the utmost care while carrying out the entire operation at ports. This assures safe handling and delivery of all kinds of cargo. We deliver an array of services from the ship to your doorstep. We aim to consolidate and enhance our position in post handling this is the reason why we tirelessly work to maintain the recognition that we have gained globally.


Our warehousing provides storage for goods for your desired period of time at a predefined cost. It helps in increasing the value of the goods. It makes sure that the products are available in the right place whenever you need it. Our efficient warehousing provides an economic benefit to our customers. Whilst it might appear as an unnecessary expense to you, we feel obliged to enlighten you on how it saves your money along with boosting your productivity. Our warehouse gives you better control over the inventory and makes it a priority that the customers receive their products on time. This ultimately leads to high profits and great returns. We also provide a wide range of social benefits for our clients. In case of detection of damaged goods or other times of emergency, we provide safety stocking. We are currently working on an outsourced model and we further aim to move to a captive model with an increase in the size of the order.

Inland Waterways

India is a country of rivers. We have some of the longest rivers in the world which brings abundant resources along with it. As the Northeast of India is far from the sea, rivers constitute a major part of our transportation route. We would be wasting the resources if we don't recognize the potential of the inland water routes we have and use them to the best of our abilities. The most important and primary stretch for our route is "Prayagraj-Haldia stretch of the Ganga-Bhagirathi-Hooghly Rivers" which is known as National Waterway 1 (NW1) stretching across 1620Km covering the northeastern states of our country which is our forte i.e., Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal. Covering Assam and Sikkim we have (NW2), "Sadiya-Dhubri stretch of Brahmaputra River" stretching across 891 Km covering most of the Eastern parts, Assam. -NW1 1620 KMs -NW2 891 KMs

Truck Owner Services

We have one of the largest and most efficient truck fleets in India. We cover most parts of the country and even border countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. We keep in mind that we have to drive on difficult terrain with a weight close to a thousand tons which is the job of no ordinary vehicle. So, we maintain a servicing record for our trucks. We have designed a process through which each and every component of our vehicle such as engine, tyres, axle locks, lorries undergo. These checkups are taken care of from time to time so that the vehicles work efficiently and for the long-term. As these vehicles costs in crores, the loan management of these vehicles, after selling, lease, etc is also an important aspect which the company manages. All of this has been designed and incorporated keeping only one thing in mind, giving the best, efficient and up to date service to our customers. -Complete servicing of trucks -loan management -service records

Driver Welfare Cell

We are an organization which has always believed in our Human Resources. One of the prime reasons we are trusted and respected immensely in our business vertical. We have a dedicated Driver Welfare Cell, which takes care of the drivers' requirements. We recruit, manage and constantly help our drivers. We maintain a pool of drivers to ensure that there is uninterrupted supply for all our vendors. As we have to drive on difficult terrain we ensure our drivers are highly skilled and experienced in handling such a task. Our driver selection process is very stringent to ensure that we get the best people in our company. Once they are a part of our family, the Cell takes care of them. They make us what we are, one of the best logistics company in India.